Join Volunteer Team by 27 August
People’s Architecture – a transitional shelter – will be built together by refugees, citizens and international students, volunteers with the guidance of architects during Helsinki Design Week 2017.
The Architect team is looking for volunteers to help us make this co-creation happen.

-Are you interested in documenting the process or sharing your views?
-Are you a social media native who familiar with post, edit, and share? 
-Are you an enthusiastic builder/ student/ designer into participatory, cooperative and sustainable building methods?

Come join our team and work closely with Architect HSIEH Ying-Chun. And taking parts to make this POP installation come together.

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Profession / Education / Skills / Languages *

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Why would you like to join People's Architecture project? *

I am particularly interested in the following tasks *

Check any that apply your skills. Besides time list below in each section, other task slots are quite flexible by the team. More details about the schedule are list in next question.

I will be available *

For the building team, we only have few seats for joining the whole process (we look for people that are enthusiastic about the project). However, everyone is welcome to join the interior co-creation on the 12th and 13th. 

For documentation, social media, and exhibition Teams, we will discuss and divide tasks when the team is formed. (Possible with flexible schedule)

Important days:
- 3rd September, 3-5pm Meeting for all volunteers & building participants
- 7th September, Opening Day 
- 11~12th September, Interior Co-Creation for all
-13-16th Exhibition open & soft programs

Could we list your name on our project website if you join the team? *

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